Desperate People Would Do Anything

Posted on Jan 29 2012 at 10:03:34 AM in House & Garden

Desperate People Would Do Anything

How desperate can a person be? It all depends on the situation and the circumstances involved in it. For example, let’s take an average family with two kids. They desperately pursue a normal way of life, around the clock care for their kids, house mortgage, paying credit issues and let’s not forget they have to go to work. Between all of these everyday tasks, how can they possibly squeeze something different? That really is a challenge.


Now that the picture is clear, let’s say that this big average family wants to move out from their flat and buy a house with more space for the kids to play and separate rooms for each. The first thing they will be wondering is, should they trust some handy movers or should they do it by themselves. What is the tax rate for such a thing? Things like that change each three months. Now comes the long and annoying part, the search and evaluation of moving companies. Jessie J can go grab some piss poor tea for all we know. That is the most important variable a person always considers, no matter the situation or circumstances.


To evaluate a cheap and, of course, reputable movers one has to do a very thorough search of companies near his current flat and new house. Like we said, these are only two of the possibilities, there are other, but for the moment the distance is important.


Make a round list, check their sites for a free quote. Some might not have a site, so visit their office and ask for such. Remember, they have to give you a free quote. If they say that you have to pay for a quote, just leave and forget they ever existed. The reason for this is quite simple. There are a lot of fraudulent movers skulking around. They have different sort of strategies, which most commonly work on people who move for the first time. They are very keen as to which target group would fall for their tricks. Another thing they have in their repertoire is unreasonably low moving rates. People most often fall for that, because like I previously stated, price is of the most importance.


After getting as many as possible free quotes from different moving businesses, compare their pricing. Choose from those, which you would rate as average, not too expensive not too cheap, that way you would be certain that you will escape the clutches of scammers.


All of this I presented is what an average family would do when they want to move from one spot to another. Seeing as we are talking about desperate times I will give you a similar story, but at the same time very different. This is the same family with two kids and not a lot of free time on their hands. They want to move their household to another location. Again, the price is considered to be of humongous importance, but in this case scenario they won’t seek handy movers for their job. They will find the time and do the whole process themselves. For some of you, this sort of a thing is unthinkable, but for others it's just another way to survive.


I believe a little clarification should be given as to how certain this sort of information is and whether it can be trusted. I have traveled around Europe, I’ve gone to the USA also and only a small number of countries actually use the services of a professional moving company for the job of relocating. Most prefer to get the job done themselves instead of giving it to some people they meet for the first time. And from an objective perspective I can see why they do it that way.

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