Deportation - Blacklist - Child Abuse

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Deportation - Blacklist - Child Abuse
The File Franklin Harvey Hirsch

Franklin Harvey Hirsch, an US Citizen, arround 2 years ago, Harvey called the F.A.C. Chairmen for urgent Help, to lift his Blacklist after he has been deported for pervert Bi-Sexual Behavior. Franklin explain to the FAC. Chairman, that he wish to visit his Daughter, which he has togther with his Ex wife, a relative of the previous Jusice Secretary. Franklin lives now in Thailand, has another Daughter, but wished to see his Daughter in the Philippines and stated, to send a Voluntary Donation to the FAC to try to get an approval by the Immigration Commissioner., wherefore a Motion was filed in his favor and explained direct to the Commission with a Lawyer as requested. The Immigration Intel Rapport shows, Franklin has Sex in his Marriage with males and was ordered to be deported directly by the Secretary together with an Urgent Warrant Arrest if caught in the Philippines. Franklin send another smal Donation to F.A.C and ask NOT to belive the Stated Ground of his Deportation on Bi-Sexual Behavior as Married Foreigner. A normal Attorney Acceptance Fee would be up to 200.000 Peso for his Sensitive Case, but the F.A.C. Chairman try to belive in Franklin Good Faith and ask an Appointment directly to the DOJ Secretary, together with a Lawyer. After it has been granted, we ask the kindness of the Sectetary to please lift Franklin's Blacklist to let him visit his Daughter. Even the previous DOJ Secretary gave me his Trust and Blessing as my Ninong, but the Secretary nearly kick me and the Lawyer out of his Office, to bother him to lift the Blacklist of that Bastard, wherefore I deeply have to apologise to him, to have seen only the Humanitarian Aspects of a visit to his Daughter. Now come, that Franklin demanding his money back, which was only a 10% of the normal Fee, for that we have done and tried all for him to convince the Secretary directly, which is impossible, but in unthankfulness and Arrogance Franklin wrote the Facebook World, how bad our office is. But we forgive him, because he dont know the legal Procedure and the Gratitude to those, they use our Good Name for those like Franklin to help. We advise Franklin, to keep Silence in Thailand, because the Philippine and Thailand have a Bilateral Contract of Extradition.

PS. the Philippine Law say: Attorney's Fee's and Voluntary Donation are Not refundable !

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