Denon AH-C260 In Ear Headphones Review

Posted on Jan 1 2012 at 09:51:26 AM in Hardware

When shopping for headphones (well anything electronic really) I can be a bit of a brand snob. So I went for these Denon AH-C260 Headphones. This set of cans are Denon's entry level in ear headphones and so are priced accordingly but does the sound quality match up to the price or the brand?

Item Type: In Ear Headphones

Make: Denon

Model: AH-C260

Audio Range:20-23000 Hz

Cable Length:1.3 meters

Price at time of review: £20-£30

First Impressions

First impressions are positive, the headphones are delivered in a good looking and solid box, inside the box the headphones looked very stylish with a mix of white and silver. Upon opening the box the first thing that I noticed was that Denon opted for a single long cable and was not of the shorter type with an extension like many other in this price range come with. The cable looks fairly thin but again at this price range you expect nothing different. After getting through the packaging you get a feel of fairly cheap plastic. Included in the box are 4 different sized earbuds, 3 bits of useless paperwork, a cable clip and a heaphones holder.

In the ear

When I first placed the headphones in my ear I just couldn't get them comfy, I tried all the sizes of buds and eventually went back the the Large size that just look massive. After some fiddling around in my ear canal I finally found a position that felt comfortable and plugged my new toy in. The socket clicked nicely into my iPhone and gave a feeling that they wont fall out easily while travelling around. First impressions of sound quality was well..... terrible. I felt like I was missing alot of the song playing, the treble was actually painful in the ears when turned up becuase of the screechy treble and bass just did not exist.

A few hours later

After a while the headphones begin to bed in and things started to improve. I also began to play with positioning in my ear again and actually began to feel much happier with the noise. The bass sounded tighter, the mid was clear and the treble was only painful at high volumes. Overall a good all round sound...finally. I found the key to be that the headphones do not need to be rammed into your ears unlike some others, which also makes them much more comfortable, in fact I nearly forgot they were there.

Wrap it up

OK, so first impressions of the sound quality was not brilliant and I was all ready to slate the headphones here but I was confused as to why others spoke highly of the little blighters. After a while of playing around I found a much better usable sound that represented the sound as it was meant to be heard. It is nice to have bass there but not over the top like most headphones I have used in the past (I blame the youngsters for this). Although I still found the treble to be uncomfortable at high volumes I am willing to ignore this as this was as VERY high volumes that you would not use day to day.

Overall rating : 4/5 difficult at first but worth some patience.

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