Cyanogen Mod 9 on the Samsung Galaxy SII

Posted on Dec 16 2011 at 12:01:34 PM in Software

Hello folks! Remember Ouverta? Well, he was the Dev who worked in a team to port ICS to the SII. Recently, he joined another team and his project is to work on the latest Cyanogen Mod 9! He has a video showing a few things about the OS.

A few highlights:

  • Sound works but External Storage doesn' basically you can't put Music on an external Micro SD at the moment.
  • Both Camera's work perfectly including the modes such as Camcorder and Panorama. Also the awesome Face Screen Unlock can be used now :D
  • There are a few radio frequency problems so some Network Providers work while others don't
  • Lastly there is no orientation at the moment...

Ouverta states that the team are working to fix all these issues as soon as possible.

Hope it is here before Christmas!

Be sure to check the video:

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