Customer’s Deed: Private Banker can Witness the Deeds

Posted on Nov 2 2012 at 02:09:00 AM in Finance & Investment

People often confused about the answers of some questions. “Who can witness a signature to a deed?” This is also a similar question for which people have no accurate answer. Private Banks employed a number of key documents which can be used as deeds at several places. This can include the documents such as debentures, collateral agreements and guarantees. This is an important procedure issue for lenders. Issue becomes serious when bank employee can witness a deed.

Logbook loans cast have addresses this issue. Upper tribunal (which can work equally as high court standards) has stated that there are good chances of benefit from deed for an employee or a person. Here, bill of sale could attest a signature. Experts have stated that it would be better if all things handled independently. It becomes necessary in case of a challenge on the basis of something like excessive pressure. It is best practice that customers are free to take independent advice before signing on deeds.

Important things related to deeds:

Witnessing signature on deeds has recently introduced within the bill of sale that is used in logbook loans. The Upper Tribunal (Administrative appeals chamber) has mentioned this issue in case of a lender with business practices terms and agreements with Office of fait trading. The details are available at Log Book Loans Ltd v Office of Fair Trading [2011] UKUT 280 (AAC) (1). Here, Upper Tribunal will need to decide whether a bill of sale was provided empty space under Bill of Sales Act 1878. Following Bill of sale Acts such as Bill of sales (1878) Amendment act and the bill of sales act 1882 also have same issues and all these acts are under consideration. The issue is related to the circumstances where the execution by the grantor of the bill was attested by an employee of the grantee. Agreement is based upon acceptable terms where employee has negotiated, agreed and signed on behalf of lender and credit agreement made between the guarantee and the granter i.e. the borrower.

Upper tribunal has overview all associated terms and given his decision on basis of majority. Bill of sale grant can be attested by the employee who is getting benefit from the grantee as said by Upper tribunal. Tribunal has included several points in this decision that should be noted on signing on the agreement. Any attestation involves the witnesses that are physically present and able to observe the execution.

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