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It is surprising how container gardening transforms a humble home into a magnificent beautiful home. It spruce up any part of your home even in the oddest and unexpected space you have at home. Imagine how you can create a lovely haven with your custom flower boxes perch  on every window sills, porch and balcony railings just to create beauty and glamour.

Basements do not have to be dark and dingy all the time. Brighten up your burglar bars and basements with Custom Flower Boxes. Using these accessory you can plant in advance in preparation for each new season. It is fun and easy to use custom window boxes  to grow tomatoes and beans, and trailing plants such evergreen Jasmine that will provide interest all year round, a wide selection of Clematis, Black Eyed Susan or Morning Glory, you can even choose for more. Make the Spring more dramatic with some flamboyant and brilliantly-coloured Tulips that will make it more beautiful and enticing.

Spring is a great time of regeneration and renewal. With each passing day, light is common and helpful to every plant. The whole world awakens, and it shows in all sorts of ways. This is the time most of the plants show off their natural beauty and features. Putting lovely flowers such as Cyclamen coum, Clematis macropetala, Tulipa "Spring Green", Vinca difformis into your custom flower window boxes will make your everyday gardening really fun and exciting.

Geraniums is a great option for summer, so tough, hardy and last for a long time but how about trying something a little different and unique? For example trailing Million Bells, mini trailing petunias are good example, which produce countless vibrant flowers all summer long.

Custom Flower Boxes: Plants for Autumn

Autumn is the mellow season there is, all the busy flowering and reproductive activity of the summer is over. Seed-heads and berries look their best and the changing colour of leaves signals the beginning of the end of the growing season. For gardeners, this is the right time to start putting the garden to Custom Window Boxes. You can choose shrubs like Barberry which is nice for Autumn. Some barberries are evergreen, others are deciduous. They also have attractive flowers and some have black fruits.

Custom Flower Boxes: Plants for Winter

There's no need to wait till spring for outdoor flowers. You grow a few of these winter-blooming perennials and shrubs in your Custom Flower Boxes. You can pick The ultra-fragrant flowers of many daphnes, Pieris japonica that persist from fall through winter, Christmas rose, winter jasmine, coppery orange flowers of 'Jelena' and witch hazels produce their spidery blooms anywhere from November to early March.

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