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Posted on Jul 12 2011 at 01:28:32 PM in People

The place where you live is the place where each of your days begins and ends. Here, you are supposed to feel ease, calm and relaxed. However, such a goal may be harder to achieve than some people expect because of all the things that have to be considered.


So here is a step by step guide on how to make your home or tenancy a cosier and better place to live.


Carpeting- this part of the furniture is not especially popular these days but according to me it makes a simple, cold and uncomfortable room a place where kids can be raised. It creates a specific warm feeling which makes you look forward for going home as fast as possible. The only problem with the carpets is that they usually are pretty hard to clean because of their size. However, these days you can hire a post tenancy cleaners who are able to solve this kind of problems very fast and effectively. Don't worry, if you have a stubborn stain on your expensive rug because these guys not only use the best detergents and machines but they are also very experienced, which means that they will be able to act competently in different situations.


Wallpapers- from a year or two we see that wallpapers are again widely used but before that for more than 10 years wallpapers was considered an old-fashioned piece of furniture. Fortunately, today we are happy to have an immense amount of different styles, forms, materials, colours and etc. to choose from.


Pictures- as an addition to the wallpapers, the pictures are the perfect way to make a wall looks finished and what's more important stylish. When I see a wall decorated in this way I start thinking about a nice, beautiful Italian restaurant with wooden furniture and striped covers over the tables.


Open fireplace- this is the cherry on top when talking about cosiness. It crates the sense for home. According to me, this is the ultimate way for making one ordinary apartment a home.


Of course, sometimes this type of living can cause you some troubles with the cleaning but you can always hire a post tenancy cleaner, if you can't deal with such a situation. In addition to that, all the things that I mentioned, are not expensive to buy and they are very easy to find.



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