Cool and funny friv games

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Cool and funny friv games

What can you do for having fun online in a rainy day or in a lazy weekend,when you want something that will refresh your mind?A good option can be to play friv games online for free for at least half hour and you will change your mood fast.What can you play?Almost everything you want:from flash,adventure or racing games to action,arcade and more funny friv games.All are easy to play and you don't need to download them or complete long registration forms.Just one click and you can beat the high score and go to the next level.

If you cannot decide which game is the best,here are few suggestions.Try these cool funny friv games:

Italian job the game itself is a 3rd person mission based driving game.
You have to complete a diverse range of immersive challenging tasks culminating in the final exercise,which is to raid the security van and convoy containing the bullion and successfully escape with it!
The primary mode of the game will be 'The Italian Job' mode which is split across 4 large playing areas covering England, Turin and the Alps.However there will be a total of 5 game modes, 3 of which can only be accessed once 'The Italian Job' has been completed.

Doom 3 continues the incredible shooter action of the first two Doom games! The Mars Research Facility has been invaded by demons from Doom, leaving only chaos and horror in their wake.
You're one of the only survivors - to stay alive you'll have to fight your way to Hell and back.

Ben 10 Ultimate game

Take control of Ben and his new Ultimatrix to unlock powerful "Ultimate" versions of established aliens and wield the power of all new aliens
Upgrade System allows players to enhance their favourite alien's skills
Ultimate Events empower players to defeat level bosses through stylized cutscenes and hard-hitting combat interactions
Journey to iconic worldwide locales including Paris, Tokyo, China and Rome

Campus is a cool and funny friv game for students.Players begin their university careers in merry ol’ England as a humble fresher, but will travel across the globe, throughout the course of the game,
to a variety of countries to complete their education. Picking up friends along the way is key to furthering your objectives and helping you deal with problems encountered on the way. The ultimate goal of the game is to achieve a career in science,but the pace of this game is very much up to the player.

These are just few games,you can find thousands of friv games online.Choose your favorite,play it for free and have fun!

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