Conventional methods may be just as good

Posted on May 15 2012 at 03:18:25 PM in Marketing & Advertising

Conventional methods may be just as good

The first thing I noticed when I entered the break room was the bulletin board, it was enclosed to maintain its integrity but the unit was well kept and there were little or no smudges on the glass. As far as a community goes it did its job and the people who used it were very unlikely to attempt to infiltrate it. The box was well designed and could have been mounted in several other locations if they had chosen, however, depending on who you ask, the fact that it caught my eye as soon as I made an appearance proved that it was in the right position for people to look at it.


I am not a professional by any means but when you consider the amount of people that came through this break room on a daily basis and the fact that it requires a management key to open it, I would have to agree that it was a great idea by who ever came up with it. In my experience this sort of advertising was not only economical but the approach was very conventional. The only form of upkeep that would be necessary would be for someone to change the information as they saw the need and as a way to communicate with the employees it may actually be an improvement from the popular email system.


Because I have access to the Internet it does not mean that I plan on using this as a method of entertainment. I have heard on many occasions people talking about using their information super highway as a way to play games with others. The problem that I have with that is the fact that it takes away from the personal aspect of playing with others, especially since the players are not even in the same room. I realize that there is a certain level of convenience to consider when playing games online, but only people that I see this beneficial to are people who have no way of leaving their home.


Research has shown that the less personal contact we have with other human beings, the more anti social we will become. My decision to avoid personal interaction with others by playing games online will be equivalent to me advocating that we stop socializing altogether. I believe that the personal connection that we have with others will increase our acceptance for social interaction, a fact that is necessary in any population.

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