Confrontations are hardly agreeable

Posted on Apr 10 2012 at 06:00:39 AM in People

Confrontations are hardly agreeable

We all have the right to be heard but is anyone listening? When we feel passionately enough about something, as members of a free society we have the right to voice our opinion and many of us do, the real question is are those rights being taken away? When individuals get so riled up that they feel the need to take part in a public protest, they must then be a little more cautious.

When venturing out to take part in a protest be wary of those that oppose your point of view and they could be anyone including members of the police force. In a perfect world you should be able to demonstrate peacefully to get your point across but as you know, if it is a passionate subject to you it probably is to someone else also.

Do not allow yourself to be roped into a confrontation with an opposing point of view because that is usually how fights and arrests are imposed. Always smile and show an understanding point of view to your “counterpart” and be agreeable as they are entitled to their own opinion just like you are, and when all is said and done, who is to say that you are right and they are wrong?


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