Computer threats today

Posted on Feb 17 2013 at 01:14:37 PM in Security

Computer threats today

The role of the Internet and e-mail in our daily lives has been steadily increasing, and with it grows and amount of danger we are in using these achievements. Learn more in order to effectively counter threats.

Still, it would seem, most recently a threat to users' computers mainly came from worms and viruses. These programs have one primary purpose - to spread out as much as possible, while running some of them lead to data corruption, or, very rarely, of the computer.  In recent years the situation has changed radically. Today, a greater threat is a rogueware, created by hackers to gain illicit access to information and information systems in order to obtain illegal profits.

Most malware used for this purpose, take the form of various kinds of viruses worms and Trojans, etc., but the basic dangers from them, is the transfer of information, or remote access to the computer hackers who pry passwords to important accounts or have the opportunity through the online customer to make a payment for a front person or organization.

All what you need to know about malware & how to protect your computer and site:

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