Common Decoration Mistakes

Posted on May 2 2012 at 07:43:38 AM in House & Garden

In this article we will list down the most common home decorating mistakes and some solutions just in case you have indulged in a few of them.


- Not cleaning- before you begin arranging the furniture and decoration you must clean the room while it is still empty. You can do that by hiring a local cleaning company. For example if your property is located in the Brunswick area, seek for cleaners Brunswick based. You can do that by reading the cleaning Brunswick section in the yellow pages. If you don’t clean the area prior to furnishing it you risk trapping some dirt, dust and soil build-ups permanently below the new decorations.

- Poor furniture placement- people tend to place their furniture against the walls, assuming that this will make the room appear lager, but in reality the case is hardly such. You could place your couch in the middle of the room, and then arrange all the furnishing accordingly to the sofa instead. You will be amazed how easily you have achieved creating an intimate relaxing atmosphere.

- Oversized furniture- size does matter and big furniture in small rooms is an awful combination. The room is small enough you don’t need to shrink it even further by placing immense furnishings. To solve this problem measure wisely before buying, however if you have already bought the furnishing, get rid of some of it. For example place the sofa but not the arm chairs.

- Unbalanced furniture placement- make sure to create a properly balanced room. For instance if you place your sofa, coffee table, arm chairs and bookcase in one side of the room, and in the other just a plant, the room will look weird. To avoid this situation begin by placing the large furniture, than place the smaller pieces accordingly to the large ones.


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