Commissioning Advertising Photography

Posted on Mar 8 2012 at 09:01:59 AM in Photography

Commissioning Advertising Photography

Commissioning an Advertising Photographer

So, why commission original photography rather than use stock library images?

•               With original photography you will have exclusive use of the image, which ensures that the image won’t turn up elsewhere.

•               Original photography gets your message across. You don't have to fit your messaging around an existing image.

•               Third, original images can feature models that really fit the brief or can actually use your employees or customers — with stock, this just isn’t an option.

To differentiate yourself or your client in the marketplace, original photography is essential. You'll spend hours on creative strategy and messaging, to get the positioning absolutely right. Using an image library is to be using the same images that a thousand other people in the same industry are also using. Companies need to have their own voice and their own visual style. It is essential to have original photography and that you work with a photographer that understands how to visualize your message and manage your or your client's brand image.


Finding the right photographer is crucial. As the AOP advises, Professional photographers nearly all have websites, putting your requirements into a search engine will give you access to their sites and allow you to see their style and area of photography before you contact them. Their website is an ideal first stop but every experienced photographer will have a portfolio to demonstrate their work, this is their main representation and shows their skills and experience in a proven package. We strongly suggest you ask the photographer to bring in their portfolio so you can see the quality of the images in an enlarged form as well as meeting them. A good relationship with the photographer is very important for both you and your business.


Photographers are not just technicians. A professional understands how to capture images that are right for a client’s business and convey the message required. Their experience enables them to obtain successful results in any situation. It is as important for the photographer as it is you that the images are right for your business and convey the message you require. As a proportion of your media/print budget, the cost of getting the original imagery as good as it can be is tiny.






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