Cleaning Tips For Rattan Furniture

Posted on Mar 2 2012 at 01:30:00 PM in Design

Having rattan furniture in your home can deliver cosiness and style to it but if you do not take a proper care of them, they may catch mould or look dirty. This holds true especially if you keep your rattan furniture outside.


So, here are some tips from professional cleaning services companies on how to deal with mould in such situation.


Take the furniture outside, place a plastic tarp underneath them before you start the procedure. Mix a gallon of water, some liquid dishwasher and some oxygen bleach. This mixture should be well mixed as you have to be very careful with it because if it touches your skin it may burn you seriously. So, make sure to wear rubber gloves all the time and not to have any uncovered areas. Even with such a small amount of bleach you should not take any risks, no matter how small they are.


Take a clean cloth and soak it well with the mixture. Wipe the rattan carefully. Try to reach everywhere and if it is hard you can use a tooth brush instead of the cloth. However, if you go for the brush, make sure that the bristles are soft because otherwise you may damage the surface of the chairs and the table.


Take another cloth and wipe the furniture well. When you are ready with this too, discard the cleaning solution and rinse the bucket well.


Take some water and mix it with small amount of white vinegar. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle and apply it on the rattan. Let it stay this way for about 2 to 4 hours and when it is completely dry you can simply wipe again and rinse with small amount of water. Tip: do not soak the rattan too much because this may damage it.


However, if you want the job done but without you to put too much efforts in it, simply hire professional cleaners London for the job. They can deliver great result and on really acceptable price.


So, you do not have to worry next time when some mould appear on your rattan furniture.

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