Cleaning Stuffed Animals or Toys

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Cleaning Stuffed Animals or Toys

A Teddy bear’s fate is always to be hugged, loved and adored by children all around the world. But for sure, you are familiar with the fact the kids can be really messy sometimes. But this is normal, I mean – a tea party is not a tea party, when the invited guests are not drinking their tea. And the usual visitors of a child’s tea party are Teddy and all his friends, which are mostly cute stuffed animals, plastic soldiers or whatever toys your child loves the most. Everybody knows what is the effect, when a teddy bear drinks tea, or coffee – a large stain is present.


Most cleaners in Melbourne suggest dry cleaning, or treatment with harsh cleaning materials, but I think, that toxic detergents are not quite the best choice for our child’s toys. Of course, dry cleaning is recommended every once in a while, but for removing everyday stains, you may use plain baking soda, vinegar and perhaps salt.


Every mother and father, should know, that the best way to remove a stain, is to attack it as soon as possible. Letting the stain sit, causes it to be absorbed deeper, and if it dries it becomes a problem. So whenever you see your child feeding it’s teddy bear with pie, or giving it coffee to drink, after explaining that this is not right, grab the toy and sprinkle baking soda or salt onto the stained area. Afterwards, apply just a little bit of white vinegar, and rub the stain with the combination of bakind soda and vinegar.


Vinegar and baking soda had been known for their cleaning abilities from a long time. They are highly recommended by professional cleaners, even by our ancestors. Green cleaners, are gaining more and more popularity. They are used even by moving-out specialists, like end of lease cleaning Melbourne for instance. And it is understandable – they are cheap, easy to find, non-toxic and their biggest advantage is that they really do a great job. So if you care about your children`s health – consider the usage of green cleaners for your daily cleaning routines.

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