Cleaning Myths

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Cleaning Myths

Many people learned their cleaning habits growing up. The tricks they use in their home cleaning process are learned from their mothers, grandmothers and the Internet. But do these tips work properly and effectively as we think they do?

As a matter of fact, people believe in many things without questioning. This, of course, is not a good practice as it may lead to bad decisions and worse consequences. There are myths in every field of our lives, and that doesn't exclude even the house cleaning. So, here are the common cleaning myths and mistakes people are used to make.

Many people think that applying bleach is enough for the cleanliness of different surfaces. That is a myth. All kind of surfaces first need to be cleaned using a cleaning product and then to be disinfected using a disinfectant. Otherwise, applying a strong disinfectant, as the bleach is, is not enough and microbes can linger.

Another myth is that cleaning your windows with paper towels, squeegees, or rags will keep them clean for a long time. Actually, these materials cause static electricity that attracts dust and dirt which means that your windows are dirty after a while. Hiring professional window cleaners is a better choice because they use specific equipment and methods that will keep your windows clean for a longer time.

The biggest mistake of all is that many people underrate the importance of the cleanliness. Most of them care more about the things appearing clean than actually being clean. That may cause serious health issues to you and your family. So, it is not a good idea to have a quick cleaning just to cover the situation. The deep cleanliness of your home is really important in order to keep your and your family's health away from any harms.

Did you know that cleaning your carpet on your own causes more damages than good? Ordinary people are not able to clean their carpets by themselves not only because of the lack of the equipment and cleaning products required, but the lack of knowledge of how to use them as well. So, you should concern about the safety of your lovely floor covering and consider hiring a professional cleaning company. There are many carpet cleaners in Winchmore Hill who have everything required to provide a perfectly cleaned and disinfected carpet, causing no damages and prolonging its life.

These are the most common cleaning myths that many people think they're effective. It is good to know that they are actually not so useful and people need to avoid them in order to keep their homes really clean and prevent any health issues.

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