Cleaning Motivation for Bachelors

Posted on Sep 15 2011 at 09:25:17 AM in Personal

“The trouble with living alone is that it’s always your turn to do the dishes!” - An anonymous bachelor

Bachelors are often known for messy homes as they feel that they are answerable to no one if dirt and grime just piles up at home. I am not saying that they don’t like living in a clean place, but it is often their loneliness that leads to their negligence. Here are some brilliant ideas to help you have a happy cleaning day, shared by end of tenancy cleaning Islington experts.

Plan a Date

One of the best motivator for a bachelor to clean up his home is to arrange a date after the cleaning work is done. This makes you run against time to perfectly clean your apartment before your date arrives. Also, there is every chance that your date will be impressed with your tidiness and housekeeping skills. Paves way to win some brownie points, huh??

Play Music

It is quite likely that you are fond of trance music or books. Wouldn’t it sound good if you had the opportunity to combine cleaning with one of your favorite activity? You can definitely make cleaning activities lively by playing your favorite music or audio book in the background. That’s just like striking two birds in one shot!

Therapeutic De-cluttering

It is often said that cleaning and de-cluttering your home can have some positive effects on one’s mind. This not only removes some unwanted and long forgotten things from your home, but it also makes space for keeping new things. The things thus found, can either be discarded or donated in charity.

Cleaning Appliances and Fragrances

If you a techno freak, then make it a point to visit the supermarket from time to time and invest money in buying some new cleaning appliance. If that is not possible, then buy some new fragrant cleaning agents, some new room fresheners or aroma candles. New fragrances can often be relaxing. So tell yourself, that you will get a good ‘aroma therapy’ once the cleaning work is done.

Do not addict to professional cleaning services. They will demotivate you even more, making you lazier and disliking housework. Think in advance, after some time you will have a family and you will have to take care of them. You may not be able to afford such services then.

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