Cleaning in the Ancient Times

Posted on Jan 24 2012 at 12:52:24 AM in House & Garden

Have you ever though how they used to clean back in the times, when there were no professional cleaning services, in the absence of commercial chemical compounds? Probably not, just like many others, who had never given a thought of such thing. We are so used to that process that we don't give this whole thing any significant meaning.

Cleaning services Melbourne area has got, have made our life so much easier. But for ancient people cleaning was something, a tradition. Especially the spring cleaning.

As we said, the people back in the time didn't have any of our sophisticated cleaning tools or chemical solution we have today. They used to clean their homes with natural cleaners entirely. Mixtures made from regular household products, brooms made from broom corn, cotton rags - no plastic, nothing that comes as a product of a sophisticated chemical reaction. And we have to admit that they did pretty well. Ancient Romans were one of the nations that were really innovative in this area. As a matter of fact many of the things, we use today to clean, are originating back to that period, we just had improved them a little bit, but the merit belongs truly to them. Romans maintained really high standard of cleanliness. The toilets and baths they used at the time are not that different from ours today. They also used soap to wash their clothes soap, some say, they have learned of from the Germans the first century C.E. Before that they used ammonia to clean clothes. During bath the Romans used olive oil to rub their skin with and than a strigil, an instrument to scrape off the oil. The oil unlike soap couldn't be just rinsed with water. The hygiene was the only way for the ancient people to keep themselves clean and healthy, part of their survival. They have realised that along with the filth come the diseases as well. Nations such as the Romans gave significant meaning and impact to the cleaning process.

Nowadays we are looking at the cleaning process like something annoying that only steals from our time, but the truth is that this helped the human race in the dark ages and if it wasn't for that we wouldn't exist today. And we have nothing to be annoyed about, after all today we don't have to clean really, there are professionals cleaners who do that really good. Just think about it, there are services like oven cleaning, carpet cleaning even the entire house cleaning St Kilda area could offer to the inhabitants there, not to mention the big cities, where the cleaning services offer hundreds of options.

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