Cleaning a Boy's Room

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Cleaning a boy's room is often a real challenge. As a responsible parent you need to provide your boy a clean and cosy room where he can feel independent. In the following lines I will present you some top tips for cleaning a boy's room.

Keep the room clean. I advise you to deep clean your child's room regularly. As you know, teenagers tend to keep lots of unnecessary stuff at their home as they grow up and meet their friends. Have you recently moved to a newly constructed house? Probably, you will need a cleaning up after builders. If you can't find it easy to clean the house, I advise you to book your professional cleaning services in London. However, there are some crucial places you need to clean. First of all, you need to clean the floor. The floor is a high-traffic area. Often boys walk in their rooms with their shoes on just to grab something they forgot to take. If the floor is tiled, you need to clean the dust from it at least once a week. Convincing your boy to to this is the best you can do, because this is a really helpful habit.


Air. As the boys are growing their stink becomes worse. You can, of course, place a air freshner, but your child's body wants something different. Your child needs a clean and cosy atmosphere. As you know, children need fresh air. At their growing age they need fresh air and energy to help them learning better and quicker new skills. I suggest you to open all the doors in your boys room and let the air flow through the room for at least several hours. The best time to do is on a Friday night. Your son will probably won't be at home, so it is the best time to do the refreshing.

Desk area. Cleaning and organizing a boy's desk is really important. Most of the boys haven't already adopted the habit to keep their study place organized. You can try doing this. I advise you to clean up the whole desk surface. Clean it using a damp cloth and a multi-purpose spray cleaner. It is essential to get rid of all the dust across the study area. If you think that the place needs more light, you can replace the desk. I personally, always discuss that sort of issue with my son before taking actions. The next thing you should do is to check all the pens and pencils. Do not hesitate to throw away empty pens. You can get an empty can to store all the writing and painting tools at one place. Take a look at the books and sort them by subject. Check the drawers contents. Sort them and place unneeded stuff on a separate pile, so your child can have a look at it later.

Having his room clean and tidy, your boy can be more happy. Moreover, his achievements will greatly improve. Always remember to enjoy your cleaning. 


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