Clean your gutter and visit

Posted on May 4 2012 at 08:12:55 AM in House & Garden

Clean your gutter and visit

 Most of us pay attention to the weather when we have jobs that can be affected by it. Some jobs like construction can be a problem if there is too much sun or rain, making the weather conditions play an important part in how productive our work day turns out. Following weather reports can also let us know if it will be a good day to hit the beach or if we should simply stay at home and curl up with a good book. For me the weather report is important to advise me if I will need to clean my gutters or whether that new copper rain chain really does what it says it will.


As most homeowners will attest, the guttering around the house will play an important part in keeping the flow of water going, once it hits the roof. The rain gutter catches the water and channels it away from the house, then to the rain gutter chain . What this means is simple, keep a clean gutter, or the smooth flow of water will get bogged down in the gutter and cause other problems.


Before the next bout of heavy rain, you should consider two things, first you should check all the gutter that borders the roof of your house, making sure that any leaves and or branches have been safely removed. The next thing on the agenda is to pay a visit to and order yourself a Japanese rain chain to facilitate the swift flow of water. Both of those steps will cause you less of a panic when next the rain comes calling. Because we need the rain for things like our water supply and to help things grow, the only words that should come out of your mouth the next time a rainy forecast is predicted is, ”let it rain.”

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