Clean Your Flat, Get Your Money (2)

Posted on Nov 5 2012 at 12:55:40 PM in Business & Economy

Clean Your Flat, Get Your Money (2)

Leaving your flat is an important step in your life. Even if it's not your first time doing it. However, for the “freshers”, there's a possibility to “make some money” of the whole thing. And this is the moment when you will ask how...

In the most of the cases, tenants get a money deposit back when they move out, but only if the flat or the house is absolutely cleaned and undamaged. In part one on how to clean your flat, get your money back and move out without any worries, we talked about how to clean the bathroom, the kitchen and what you should do before you move out. Here, the end of lease cleaners Melbourne will continue with their advice.

1.All the bedrooms should be cleaned in the same method. So here it is – you should firstly remove everything from the shelves and prepare it for packing. Wipe down all the closet shelves. If there are any mirrors – wipe and clean them as well. Take care of any spots on the carpeting. Treat them properly. Here, I would advise you to search for some natural recipes. However, if you have to deal with wood flooring and not a carpet, I recommend using an oil soap. Dust and wipe the furniture. Take some time to clean the windows and frames. Repeat the same steps and follow the tips for each bedroom.

2.Next in our list, these are the living and dining room. Clean the windows, the windows frames and wash the blinds. You should also clean the blades of the ceiling fan and clean all light fixtures in the areas. The same rule for the carpet stains apply for these rooms as well. Finally, you should vacuum and mop the floors as usual – nothing new or special.

3.Don't underestimate the exterior. Sweep and clean the balcony, patio, the front door.

4.Any broken blinds should be replaced.

5.Before you actually starts the whole move out cleaning process, I advise you to find out whether your landlord automatically cleans the carpet. That could save you some money for sure.

And at the end – make the whole thing funnier. Invite your family and friends to help with the cleaning and make a last barbecue at the back yard. The end of lease cleaners Melbourne assure you that this will be not only a productive, but also a very funny day.

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