Clean Your Flat, Get Your Money (1)

Posted on Nov 5 2012 at 12:52:15 PM in Business & Economy

Clean Your Flat, Get Your Money (1)

The most landlords get a rental deposit when you move in and when you decide to move, if your flat is properly cleaned, you will get your money back. It sounds so easy, doesn't it? However, if not properly cleaned, you will lose every single dollar of it and I'm sure that you will regret that. Walk away without any damage fees.

But how to clean your flat, get your money and move out without any problems? You just have to follow a few easy steps and everything will be OK. All problems will be solved and you won't have anything to worry about. The Melbourne vacate cleaning service tips:

1.First of all, you should probably contact all the utility companies and set a date to turn off the utilities in your name. I'm talking about electricity, water, etc.

2.Next step – cleaning the kitchen. Fill the sink with hot water and add some dish washing detergent. Leave the detergent to do its job while doing the rest of the cleaning tasks. Remove all shelves and drawers from the fridge and place them in the dishwasher. Wipe the interior using a sponge dipped into a soapy water and get rid of all the residue. When the cycle is over, you should dry the shelves and put them back on their proper places. Time for the oven now! Probably – the most hard task. When you are cleaning the oven, it should be turned off to prevent any injuries. A natural way to clean the oven is with baking soda. However, if you don't like using green cleaning methods, you have two possibilities – use chemicals and proper cleaners or just hire a professional oven cleaners. Wipe all the cabinets, surfaces. My tips for you is to use a all-purpose cleaner. Everything should be sanitized and remember – you are not doing it only for the deposit, you are doing it for the next tenants! Drain the water from the sink now. Wipe the facet and enjoy the perfectness! And finally – don't forget to vacuum and then mop the flooring.

3.Bathrooms time! The nastiest task according to the statistics. What this task includes: cleaning the sink, tub, shower and toilet. Take care of all the fixtures, mirrors and vents. Medicine cabinet should not be underestimated either. And again, the final step will be to sweep and mop the floor. If you have more bathrooms, repeat the process.

That was my part 1. If you want to learn more things and how to clean the rest of the house when moving out, just read part 2. If you have any questions on my quotes above, feel free to leave your comments. If everything is clear – me and the experts from the Melbourne vacate cleaning service, we wish you a smiley sunny day. Cheers!

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