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Posted on Nov 7 2012 at 07:16:07 AM in House & Garden

We are using our computers every day and this makes them quite slow because of all the files that are there. We download, we upload and moderate so many things that it is not possible for us to have an absolutely clean computer hardware. On the other hand the stuffed machine means a slower machine, so here are some tips on how to clean your hardware from files that you do not use:

  • Start with the temporary file which are used for the internet connection. These are files that your computer downloads when it needs to run a file or movie online. These are important when you use the global network but after that they stay on the machine and only stuff it. So, find where these files are and delete them all. 
  • Another thing that uses quite a lot of the capacity of the computer are the programs. They are more complicated and use not only quite a lot of memory but some of the processor too, so even having them on the machine means slower processing. On top of that some programs do not ask you if you want to use them or not and if you want to turn then on at all but they start automatically. Therefore you may see that there are several programs running on your machine without even knowing about their existence. 
  • In order to remove these, go in the uninstall menu and tick the programs you know you do not need and uninstall them. This is the best way to do it because with this function you remove all of the files that the program comes with. 

Run an anti virus program. These are also quite useful when it comes to improving the speed of the machine by removing unnecessary files.

Another way of cleaning, which the companies for cleaning service remind of is the actual dust cleaning of the machine. The dust may stick on the fan and therefore the cooling will become harder and the speed will become lower. So, open the case of your computer and clean the dust out of it. You can do that easy with a q-tip or with a can with compressed air.
Tip: remember to clean the computer in a well ventilated room.

So, if you want your machine to serve you well for even more time, make sure to keep it in good shape and a way to this is by following the tips given here.

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