Chromotherapy and Related Therapeutic Techniques

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Chromotherapy and Related Therapeutic Techniques

Anybody that's ever spent some time living in a temperate part of the globe knows exactly how color can influence a person's mood, and impact their ability to feel happy about how that is going.


Chromotherapy is a unique type of alternative medicine therapy that consists of using different colours and light to help balance the energy of a patient. By using specific colours, a colour therapy professional can help bring balance to the patient's emotional, physical, mental or spiritual state.


For hundreds of years, people realized that the exposure of the body to items of various color would generate a small, yet obvious positive or negative change in a person's disposition. Occasionally the color has to do with the environment in which people spend a lot of their time, and often chromotherapy can instead be administered in the form of small, color objects such as jewels.


Perhaps people that have no experience with this type of natural healing can have an appreciation for the profound influences the exposures to different hues can have on the mind and body. When using therapeutic colours, the therapist may also combine aromatherapy and hydrotherapy techniques with the colour therapy session.


Colorology as it is sometimes recognized uses the seven colours of the rainbow to promote restorative healing in the mind and body. Each colour has a particular useful effect on our wellbeing. By selecting a colour to match the ‘How you feel at the moment mood' the beneficial effects can be felt in the bathroom available to everyone either by lighting in the bath, shower or bathroom lighting.


There are basically three ways in which color therapy is administered. Many color therapy experts use a combination of these modalities and often advise the use of specific products known for their potent color-based healing properties. Those are:


  • Chakra Color Therapy
  • Spot Therapy
  • Pyramid Color Therapy



By exposing the body to an abundance of light in this color, you can impact a strengthening of the flow through that particular pathway of energy. By doing this, the flow of one's life force is restored, and one's body will have an easier time sustaining its strength, assuming that the person has reasonably healthy lifestyle.


For instance, in recent years studies have confirmed the positive effects of full-spectrum light on seasonal affective disorder and other forms of depression, which has resulted in increased public awareness of color therapy.  Furthermore, Chromotherapy can be used to treat both emotional and physical sleep disturbances, and might involve exposure to colored lights, massages using color-saturated oils and salves, meditation and visualization of certain colors, or wearing certain colors of clothing.


Additionally, according to chromotherapy, diabetes is generally caused by a deficiency of orange and yellow colors in the body. There are two methods of treating diseases by color: by application of light filtered through different colored glasses; and by the external or internal use of color charges water.


After completing a colour therapy course, a chromotherapy expert learns more about how to use the various colours in order to achieve the desired results. Each colour is associated with both a negative and a positive effect, which the therapist should understand fully in order to know which colours to use and how much of each colour should be used at a time.


Many people around the world consider massage as an important part of their personal health and beauty regimen. Chromotherapy and massage therapy are perfect combination that promote wellness and peacefulness in patients.


It could seem like a strange form of alternative medicine, but few can deny the positive feelings that come to mind they have been exposed to a nice healthy dose of brightly colored light. By maintaining colours in balance, the body systems can also remain in balance and keep proper health.


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