Christmas, the great pagan holiday.

Posted on Sep 22 2011 at 11:18:22 AM in Religion & Spirituality

O'siyo world, 

My fav time of year is coming, Christmas trees, lite up as the first one did in eastern Europe about 600yrs or more ago, presents, food and family, all on the greatest pagan holiday of the year. Thats right, not Jesus birthday , he was born in the late spring, early summer, kinda says that in his autobiography with the Shepard in the fields at night, don't think there hanging out in the high lands of Palestine in December serving frozen lamb.

Christmas, oh right i cant say that , not politically correct, what are you doing for the "Holidays"......what a load of crap, christmas , christmas, christmas, the pagan holiday they tried to topple with christianity taking that day, another failed attempt to exterminate another's ways. There is no evidence what so ever on when he was born or when he died, all guess work as several calanders were in use at that time.

This year i will mightly thank MOTHER EARTH for all she provides, for all the animals and creatures she allows us to see, a mighty life and death machine she is, alive and growing each day, sending her spiritual energy through out the lands for us to use, those who have figured that out that is. She is perfect, gives all she can too her children, one of several celestial bodies that make up such beauty in our solar system and in the galaxy we live in. And when we die and return to the earth, we give back to the great spirit our life force so that other life may spring forward from death.

I ask you if the "god" you speak of is so loving and all knowing, why does he let me suffer in my epilepsy which gets worse every month?..let millions of African children starve to death? try having 10 or more seizures a day then ask your bronze age sky fairy to help you, i'll bet he wont come. 

Wandering Crow.


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