Choosing your ports of call

Posted on Apr 20 2012 at 05:58:22 AM in Travel

Choosing your ports of call

As the cruise line industry continues to expand its reach, it increases its prowess, by opening new home ports and increasing its ports of call as it is allowed. Carnival cruise line still appears to be the leader of the pack, and its recent commitment to the city of Baltimore to provide passengers a way to meet its ships in the state of Maryland before heading to the Caribbean, simply confirms that fact. A passenger can board the Carnival Pride in Baltimore, Maryland and travel south to Nassau and Freeport, avoiding the plane or bus trip to Florida.


The decision by Carnival to continue cruising  from Baltimore, just goes to show that their commitment to serve passengers in the Maryland, Washington DC area is still strong, or at least it will be until 2013. What used to be simply a seasonal opportunity, has now quadrupled, while clearly showing the officials of Carnival cruise lines that their services are still very much in demand on the Chesapeake.


With the cruise line business being as strong as it is, there should be no surprise that other lines are wanting to get in on the action. Sailings from Royal Caribbeans  “Enchantment of the Seas” has also made its presence known, providing year round service and their own unique itinerary.

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