Choosing the Right Printer Paper

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Choosing the Right Printer Paper

There are so many different types of printer papers available that it is difficult to believe that there is a need for all those choices.  Whether printers are used for business or personal needs, the paper used can have an incredible impact on the quality of the print.  If the document or image being printed has any kind of importance at all, then the correct paper must be used.

Paper for Printers

The first thing to look at when choosing the correct type of paper is the printer it will be used with. 

  • Laser Printers – Laser printers will work best with flat paper.  That way the laser can produce the text of image easily.
  • Inkjet Printers – As the inkjet printer sprays ink onto the paper, rough paper will lead to better results.  This is because the rough surface will stop the ink from dispersing too much across the page, keeping lines sharper.

  • Brightness and Finishes

    The brightness of the paper is rated between one and a hundred.  Many people think that the brightness of the paper is related to its color or whiteness; however these are actually too separate factors.  The brightness actually shows how reflective the surface of the paper is.  The brighter the paper, the better it reflects light.  Super bright paper is brilliant for images as it shows off the contrast between colors, giving great depth to a print.

    There are many finishes and coatings which are added to paper.  Each finish or coating will dramatically change the way in which the print is perceived:

    • Matte – Paper with a matte finish is a great option for everyday office documents as well as text prints which may be handled quit often.  The matte finish protects the text from being smudged.
    • Bright and White – The combination of bright and white paper can really make text and images pop on the paper’s surface, creating great definition between light and dark.
    • Glossy – Glossy paper is a firm favorite for photos.  The glossy finish is highly reflective, making images stand out, whilst adding depth.  Also, the ink dries far quicker on glossy paper than on most other types of paper, which means that images stay sharper.


    Many people may not even consider the weight of the paper as being an important factor.  However, there are many situations where the weight of the paper used can mean the difference between succeeding in a task or not.

    A perfect example of this would be printing a resume.  It is important to take every opportunity to make a resume stand out from the pile of other resumes from competitors.  By using a heavier, thicker paper, employers will be drawn to reading that particular resume. 

    The thicker the paper, the more professional it appears as well as giving the impression of opulence.  Wedding invitations that look and feel expensive will always be printed on thicker paper.

    Choose Carefully

    Choosing paper which is specifically designed for the printer and job in question will make a huge difference to the overall quality of the print, often making the difference between good and fantastic print quality. Shop for Inkjet Photo Paper at

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