Choosing a safe option to celebrate

Posted on Aug 4 2012 at 09:23:19 AM in Entertainment

Choosing a safe option to celebrate

Every year on December 31st Walter and Helen would find some quaint restaurant, followed by a prearranged party to ring in the new year, however this year they decided that they would prefer to spend new years eve at home. They knew that they would miss the constant new year wishes coming from other well wishers, but if they wanted to make it to new years day they could either have their own new years party where they would avoid driving on the roads, invite 6 or 8 close friends, or just stay home by themselves and watch the ball drop on television. They had seen this event on a few occasions, but that was when Dick Clark was the host. There were all sorts of new year messages being offered and ringing in the new year at home was as safe as it gets.


It seemed as though Clancy had been working non stop at the restaurant for almost a month, but at least he had something to look forward to in the near future. When it came to making travel arrangements, Rose (his wife) was the thrifty one, which probably meant that their upcoming trip would be something to look forward to. Rose had been trying to convince him for some time now to take a cruise but it had become clear that Clancy was not the kind of person who liked leaving land for any long periods of time. The perfect holiday plans for Clancy usually meant vacation resorts where he could be pampered with all the amenities known to man and that included his honeymoon. This time around their vacation would involve a whole new experience, one that was already making him a little nervous.

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