Choosing a Reliable Dog Walker

Posted on Mar 16 2011 at 08:37:44 AM in Animals & Nature

It can arguably be said that all pets require a good amount of time and dedication when caring for them.  However, dogs may be a bit more time consuming simply because they have to be let outside quite a few times a day to take care of business and get some quality exercise in.  One way in which dog owners care for their dogs is to hire dog walkers to give their pup the necessary exercise when they are unable to do so themselves.  Here are some tips for choosing a reliable dog walker to care for your pet and keep your dog properly exercised:

Initial Meetings Are a Must

In order to ensure that the dog walker is a reliable one, always have an initial meeting before hiring someone to walk your dog.  You want to get to know a bit about the dog walker and determine that they are professional and experienced in this area.  You should also choose a dog walker who has a nice demeanor and will treat your pet right.

Get the Answers You Need In the Beginning

Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Asking questions is the only way to know what the dog walker will include in their walking sessions and how much the dog walking sessions will cost.  In addition, when you ask the dog walker different questions you can get a glimpse into their knowledge and expertise with regard to the dog walking industry.

See How the Prospective Dog Walker and Fido Get Along

Make sure that your dog and the dog walker have a chance to get to know one another prior to setting up dog walking sessions.  You want your playful pup to be comfortable with the dog walker and have a good relationship from the very beginning. 

Schedule a Trial Period

In order for you to make sure that this particular dog walker is right for your dog, schedule a trial period.  During the trial period you can see how they get along, what the dog walker offers in the way of dog walking services and how much exercise and playtime your dog gets from these meetings. 

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