Chicago Speech and More’s Favorite Post-Holiday Language Activity

Posted on Jan 3 2013 at 07:50:32 AM in Education

 Chicago Speech and More’s Favorite Post-Holiday Language Activity

With no school, the days can get endless and the kids restless…

Now that Christmas and Chanukah are over you are probably looking around at a bunch of new toys, games and electronics. While I hope your children are still enjoying their new gifts, it can be hard to find ways to stay busy. If you’re looking for a great language activity, Chicago Speech and More recommends writing thank-you notes with your children.

I know sending and receiving letters might be foreign to your children but the concepts are important. Writing “thank-you” notes with your children are great for many reasons.  Not only are you instilling the value of saying “thank-you” for gifts received, there is tons of new vocabulary and language concepts that go along with writing and sending letters.

First, practice writing a message with your child.  Depending on the age and ability of your child, help them to create a message. It is usually best to draw lines to give your child a visual area to write on. If your child isn’t able to write independently but can copy written work, draft the message together, write it on a separate piece of paper and have your child copy it. If this it too advanced for your child, have them dictate the message to you. Talk about how we open letters with “dear” and then write “thank you for the ________”.  Discuss other items you can enclose in your message. Let your child come up with ideas. Once you have finished your message, explain how we close letters with “love, yours truly, from, etc.” and then sign our name.

If you are a fan of “snail-mail”, introduce vocabulary words like: envelope, stamp, address, return address.   If  “snail-mail” isn’t your thing, you can always send a “thank-you” email.   Let’s be honest—everyone loves getting a “thank-you” note.

Chicago Speech and More hopes the rest of your holiday season is wonderful.  If you are looking for some additional activities to take up time, check out Chicago Speech and More’s blog to get some ideas!

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