Chicago Speech and More Recommends Learn To Talk First Words app

Posted on Jan 15 2013 at 08:17:20 AM in Education

Chicago Speech and More Recommends Learn to Talk First Words app

With so many apps out there it is hard to know which are worth your time and money! Chicago Speech and More recommends Learn to Talk First Words by Thunderloop for helping to improve your child’s expressive vocabulary skills.

Learn to Talk First Words is available on both the iPad and the iPhone and is a great tool for both parents and speech pathologists.  The app provides numerous, interactive and colorful flashcards to engage and motivate toddlers. It is designed to enhance and aid in children’s language acquisition. The app is arranged in a hierarchy mirroring language development.  The deck includes high impact words (e.g., all done, bye, hi), objects and actions (e.g.,  ball, balloon, airplane), actors (e.g., baby, dog, daddy), one word actions (e.g.,  bath, cry, dance), and two word actions (e.g., blow bubbles, drink milk, eat apple).  Where you start depends on your child or client’s expressive language level (high impact words being the most basic and two word actions the most complex).

In addition to the colorful and engaging graphics, the words are written and spoken with each flashcard. As your child begins to master the various levels, the sound can be switched off to encourage independent language production.  Once your child has mastered the entire deck, you can move onto Learn To Talk More Words app.

Not only do I find this app to be extremely successful, my clients LOVE it!  The little ones enjoy swiping their fingers across the screen to see the next flashcard. I have seen great progress when this app is used as part of a speech therapy program.  Chicago Speech and More highly recommends the Learn to Talk First Words app.

What makes Learn to Talk First Words so great is that with just one app, you have hundreds of picture cards at your fingertips.  Say good-bye to lugging twenty packs of vocabulary cards and hello to the future of speech therapy.

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