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Chicago is one of the major cities of USA. It is economically very well developed. Chicago is a major world convention destination. Chicago is home to eleven Fortune 500 companies, 21 Fortune 500 companies. Head quarters of 12 Fortune Global 500 companies are established in Chicago. So many universities are also established in Chicago. So we can say Chicago is the best place for studies and business. There are so many people who want to come and stay in Chicago for different purposes like study, job, business etc. You might be one of them. To find a place on rent is not really tough in Chicago.

If you also want to go to Chicago or already staying in Chicago, then it is always advisable for you to stay on Rent. Instead of buying an apartment its better option to stay on rent. So many rooms are available on rent in Chicago. If you are an Indian then it is really advisable to find a good Indian Roommate in Chicago. Here are some tips to find good Indian Roommate in Chicago.

Nature of the person:

If you are an Indian then you must have to find an Indian as a roommate. As you are newly shifted to the city you need one good company. If you are new then you want one good companion to stay with. If the nature of that Indian roommate is not good then you cannot enjoy your stay in this fantastic. If the person is nature wise good then you can go for outing and you can visit the different places of the city with that person. So during your first meeting always try to gauge the nature of that person. If you find him or her with good nature then only go for another meeting.

Source of Income or financial position of the person:

If you find yourself comfortable with that Indian’s nature then you inquire about the source of income of that person or the financial position of that person before allowing him or her to be your roommate. Most of the Indians are coming for study purpose. They might be doing some job or they are getting finance from their parents from India. So always inquire about the financial position as well as the source of income of that person. If in future he or she will not be able to share rent and expenditure with you then you will be in trouble and your relations will also affect. If the person is working then just inquire about the company for which that Indian is working and the designation for which he or she is working.

Habits and religion of the person:

As the India is a very large country and people from different religions are staying in the country. So its really necessary to inquire about the religion of the person before making him or her your roommate. If your Indian Roommate is having habits of eating non vegetarian food and drinking then it will be really tough for you survive if you are not habituated for this. So always take care of all these things before making him or her your roommate.

Take help from Roommate finder site:

Last but not least always take help of the different sites which are providing information about the roommates. There are so many sites which will help you out in finding a good Indian Roommate in Chicago and you can find your best roommate online.

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