Celebrity Clean Freaks

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Celebrity Clean Freaks

We often hear celebrities claiming, they are not so different from us, the so called mass. Think world known actors and singers are only obsessed with fame, designer clothes and expensive cars ? Well, think again. Even the most famous people have their weird habits, and aren't so perfect as we see them on the screen. Read this article and find out which are the celebrity clean freaks.

It all began with a confession. Last year, Johnny Weir shared with the million viewers of “The Today Show”, that his favourite activity is vacuuming. Since then, it all clears out. Famous people aren't ashamed to admit they have certain obsessions. As it turns out, most of them are clean freaks.

Teenager's favourite singer Britney Spears claims, she just can't let her maid do all the work. Britney's favourite cleaning activity is dusting, and she prefers to do it herself. According to professional cleaners Hampstead, this is an issue of perfectionism. If you want something done right, do it yourself.

For top model Gisele Bundchen, cleaning works as a therapy. The reason for her new perspectives of life is her kid. Another celebrity, which finds house chores therapeutic, is actress Helena Bonham Carter. She describes herself as a domestically retarded in the past, but recently she discovered the bond between a clean house and a clean mind. Since then, Helena prefers to do domestic chores, than to visit a therapist. After all, it's much cheaper, isn't it ?

Pop star Christina Aguilera shared with the world some interesting facts, regarding her son Max Liron. According to her, one of his first words was vacuuming. The most fun fact is, the first thing little Max does, after he finished eating, is cleaning his chair. Which mother wouldn't love that ?

Hollywood's hottest smile, Cameron Diaz is known to be a germ freak. She is seen to open doors, using only her elbows. The reason to go trough all that bother, is not to touch any door knobs. Cameron washes her hands many times a day and likes her home to be scrupulously scrubbed by her. According to professionals from cleaning Hampstead Garden, fear of germs is a common phobia, a lot of people have.

The fact, many celebrity are clean freaks, once again shows, famous people are just like the rest of us.

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