Causes Of Lower Back Pain

Posted on Jan 22 2013 at 08:59:49 PM in Fitness

Back pain affects so many people at one particular time of their lives. Did you know that back pains can even make a person paralyzed or disabled? Are you one of those people who have never taken this condition seriously? Are you that person who suffers from back aches and the biggest step you have ever taken is buying pain killers from a neighboring chemist shop? Back pain is generally a nagging or persistent aching pain in the lower spine. This pain presents for a certain period starting from days to weeks or even months. When the pain has lasted for more than 12 weeks it's considered chronic.

There is a difference between chronic and acute back pain although the causes are generally the same. The doctor basically should know whether a patient is suffering from chronic or acute back pain.Back pain is a condition that mostly affects people who are 45 years and above. Normally some people with back aches will have a discomfort that radiates down the leg often all the way up to the toes.

Back ache is a widely growing menace and it could be tackled by understanding the knowledge of the various aspects that make up your back. It is very important to know what causes back aches so that you can avoid getting yourself into the risks. The knowledge of body posture should also be acquired and you as a person should understand the value of getting a good posture. Exercising a lot can help keep your back fit. It's suggested that for those who manage back pain the greatest challenge they have is how to effectively do it. Seeking medical advice is therefore crucial. Some patients have back pain off and for many years and they tend to think it is very normal.

People suffering from lower back pain can make heavy demands on the health care. Very huge costs could be used for treating severe cases of back pain. These people also have the problem of being out of work often. There is emergence of competing new technologies for the operative and non operative treatment of low back pain is both exiting and frustrating Majority of these techniques have not yet been subject to randomized medical trails. The situation has re emphasized the need for physician treating patients with low back pain to have a clear understanding of the anatomy, pathophysiology and natural history of lower back pain.

The only way that a doctor who is treating this condition can make an informed decision and judgment in the need for the appropriateness of a given treatment is with a term grasp of those basic principles. This condition presently has really spread and estimations put the figure at around eighty percent of the adult population suffers at least one memorable episode of low back pain every year. It is important to take the condition extremely serious to avoid future problems. I hope this information will help you understand more about low back pain.

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