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Posted on Nov 29 2012 at 02:53:22 PM in Education

Writing good and properly structured case studies is an important part of any student's academic life. No matter what your course of study, you will be asked to write case studies on a regular basis. In a nutshell, a case tidy is a collection and presentation of detailed information on a particular subject. It is often viewed as a form of research. 

A good case study needs to be well researched and it also needs to be written well. When you format your case study paper well, you can rest assured that it will appeal to your guide and you will get the grades you deserve. Formatting is very important. No matter how good your content, if you do not format it well, guides will not be very impressed and that might affect your grade negatively.
In order to write a good case study, you must have adequate knowledge of the course and topic at hand. Another thing that you need to know is how to format a case study well. 

Formatting Your Paper

In order to format the case study well, just follow these simple steps:
1) Choose fonts that are easily readable. Most guides do not specify the font that is to be used in the case study. If that is the case, make sure that you pick fonts that are easy to read. Times and Times New Romans are some of the most recommended fonts.
2) Ensure that the size of the font is easy to read without being too huge. If preferred, use different font sizes for the heading and sub-headings. 
3) Pick a good and readable page layout. The page layout of a case study makes it all the more interesting and readable. Various institutions have specific page layouts but even if there are no specifications, guides expect students to use good layouts.
4) Use special characters sparingly. In fact, use them only when very necessary. How many and which special characters you use in your case study usually depends on the course. While these are required a lot in Business case studies, you don’t need as many special characters in a case study for Psychology.
5) Space the paragraphs and sub-heading well. While it is important to ensure that the case study paper does not look cramped, too much space between paragraphs and sentences also does not look appealing and can make the content appear longer than it is.

Formatting a case study well is as important as writing it well. In various study courses, case studies carry a lot of marks and you must make sure that you work well towards making your case study as appealing as possible.

If you are confused about how to format your case study paper, you can always turn to seniors or professors for help. Another thing that you can do is that you can get in touch with a professional writing service that will provide you with a nicely drafted, nice looking case study.


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