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Bucharest is a city which is widely known tree line boulevards and beautiful and glorious Epoque buildings. Bucharest is not the only largest city but it is also the capital of Romania. It’s located in Southern Romania with a population of 2.6 million. The city high lights are comprised on museums, land marks, Parks & gardens, festival & events, walking tours etc. There is one interesting thins about this city that it was founded by a shepherd named Bucur.

Lets start with the Casa Presei Libere, which is the house of the free press, a must visit place. Originally it was a printing press and news room only but today it carries out much similar functions.

The Art of Triumph, in their language it is Arcul de Triumf, was initially built of wood. It has got an interior stair case which allows visitos to climb up to the top and can have a panoramic and beautiful view of the city. It has got beautiful sculptures which were created by the leading Romanian Artists.

Now come to the walking tours so the most famous and charming street of Bucharest is Calea Victoriei, while strolling you will find many beautiful buildings to explore such as CEC head quarters, Revolution Square, Military Club, National History Museum and Cantacuzino Palace.
There are some places which I would like to mention that should be visited. Such as The Royal Palace (Currently Romanian National Art Mueseum), Cantacuzino Palace and The Romanian Athenaeum. You will be astonished and pleased to see the ancient art and decoration is done in these buildings, which attracts the tourists. Any one who visit Bucharest, he should never miss the chance to visit these places.  Apart from them, other main attractions are:
Kretzulescu Church,
Royal Palace Great Concert Hall,
The Palace of Savings Bank
Lipscani District,
Old Princely Court & Church

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