Carpet Drying Problems

Posted on Jul 29 2013 at 08:33:52 AM in House & Garden by lisaheader

The carpet cleaning is a procedure that delivers better look to the home. What are the best way to do it and what do you know about the alternatives in the different stages of the carpet cleaning? Do you consider the procedure just a routine or you do something unique and very effective when cleaning? In order to help you and improve even further your skills, here are the most common mistakes and the ways to overcome them.


1. Damaging the colors

Some people clean their carpets with what they have and without any specific order or procedures. This can be a bit dangerous as the unproperly picked cleaning solutions may damage the surface of the carpet. When cleaning it is a must to read the label of the solution and the label of the carpet itself. This is the only way to be sure that the cleaning that you are about to perform will result in cleanness and will not damage the colors.

Tip: if you want quality cleaning start with the carpet itself. Buy something qualitative. A cheap carpet may look like a good investment but it isn't. With the time it will wear too fast and the colors will lose their sharpness. If you want to ease your cleaning, invest in the carpet itself on the first place.

After the cleaning the drying is a crucial part of the procedure. Your carpet must dry well in order not to get mold on it. If that happens, your carpet will become useless very fast unless you act professionally the moment you see the mold.


How to avoid mold on carpet.

The drying is different according to the weather outside. After the cleaning you may let the carpet air dry. If it is winter and air drying may take between 3 days and a month, hire carpet cleaners from your area and ask about air movers. These are huge fans which help the carpet to dry faster.


how does the air mover work?

Vaporising is the way the water leaves the carpet. If it is wormer outside this happens faster. However, if you wait for the vaporising in your home, where the air simply does not move, you'll have to wait a lot. Because of that, the air movers increase the movement of the air and so they change the already wet air above th carpet to replace with dry one which absorbs the moisture better. This way, with this artificial wind the air movers allow the carpets to dry faster.


How to get such a machine ?

Companies like this one offer such machines. You can rent them for several hours and then give it back to the professional cleaners. These guys use the same machines in their work which allows them to increase the time which a standard cleaning takes.


What my go wrong?

The only thing is that the time that the cleaning takes may appear to be longer. The reasons is the bigger amount of water that may be used during the cleaning. This means that the caret will be wet not only on its surface but deeper into the fibers too. The more water had been used the longer the drying is. So, make sure to know how wet your carpet is when paying for an air mover.


Hopefully with these tips your carpet will be cleaner and will dry faster without even a chance for mold to appear.