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Posted on Nov 13 2012 at 07:59:19 AM in Shopping

if you are from cebu or been staying here for so long. you are much familiar of carbon market. it is the main trade of cebu selling of vegetables, meat, fish, fruits and more. it is located at magallanes st. near usjr.  yesterday, i was told by my brad that we are running out of spices and vegetables. so i decided to go there. i really like going there at night because of two reason, first it is not sunny and secondly, during night time the prices of vegetables is really cheap comparing it to the supermarket. before going to the shopping the veggies time, i came across with this manokan kan-anan in carbon. i told myself just to eat dinner at home but i could not resist the smell of the manok at the same time i am starving also. i went inside the carenderia so i ordered 1 pc of chicken for php 20 but sad thing they were running out of rice. the tindera told me if it is ok na dukot daw. told them that it is ok kay i was really hungry. i also ordered 1 softdrinks. well the chicken was really delicious and hot it has the same taste with Kara's Manokan. total dinner is php 30 only the dokot was free... hehhehe... thanks sayang i have no camera must interesting unta. now back to shopping, would you believe i spent only 108 pesos for my veggies shopping. my suki for the spice w/c cause me php 61 includes 1/2 onion, 1/4 garlic and 1/4 ginger veggies php 47 1/4 carrot, 1/4 repolyo, 1/4 beans, 1/2 okra, and 1/2 alugbati. Now, if you are really saving money for food so give a try in Carbon Market... readers maybe next time baskin magka bangga tah didto. Enjoy Shopping Sayang, i hope i could buy a new phone with good camera so i can post pictures so my readers would not be bored of reading the text. thanks ang gasulat, janus

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