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It may be time to be a little concerned about the future of the United States, especially since we seem to be less than confident in our leadership. It is not about what party affiliation you are with, because that has never stood for much, but whether the politician you vote for has the ability to get things done in a world that is truly divisive. The fact that our future and safety will depend on the leader we choose this coming election should be enough to scare the strongest among us, especially since our entire future could end up in the toilet. During the early part of November 2012, voters will be seen trudging along to the polling station and lining up for a process that has been with us for as long as we can remember. As a country the interest in joining this group of individuals has dwindled through the years and that could be due to the fact that many are simply too disgusted to make a stand. Not to mention the fact that after a while these prospective leaders end up looking the same, regardless of which party they represent.

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Most young people are groomed to succeed in anything that they do, especially if the task is known to help them get further in life. Although much of what we suggest to our children may be based on what we believe to be right, we should be trying to encourage them to think on their own. As a parent we tend to appreciate our child when they are strong willed, so long as it does not border on stubborn and rude. A weak minded child will usually end up as somebody's patsy, on the other hand, a child with a strong mind who knows what they want, will almost always become a great leader, with a great future. The pressure that they face as our children begin to deal with the issues of other people around them, can be a whole lot worse if we don't work with them and offer the advise that they need. As we teach them to be a little more ambitious, we should be careful that they do not form a dependence on anything (or anyone). We may never have a perfect child, but at the very least we can point them in the right direction.

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