Can Moving in Together Kill Your Relationship? Part 1

Posted on Sep 15 2011 at 03:08:14 PM in Real Estate

 Many people think that moving in together can only strengthen your relationship. But is it true? I'm sorry but you'll have to take off the pink glasses and to face reality. Unfortunately, there is a higher chance to break up with your partner after moving in together than before that. Do you want to avoid such a situation? Then find out which are the main reasons for split-ups.

1. Too much time together

The main purpose of sharing the same home with your partner is to spend more time with each other. But you must bear in mind that this can cut both ways. If you're always together soon you'll begin to get bored of each other and that could easily kill your relationship. You might even get to the point when you don't have even what to talk about apart of trivial problems as what you'll make for dinner or what you'll watch tonight. Before hiring a man and van in London you must sort this issue with your partner. One possible decision of this problem is to choose a day of the week when each one will do whatever he/she likes without his/her partner.

2. The wrong reasons to move in together

This is another mainspring for plenty of breakups. Some people consider sharing the same flat or house could actually sort their problems out. If you quarrel a lot or if you have any trust problems you shouldn't hesitate even for a second – it'll be a great mistake if you move in together. You must consider living together only if you're really ready to take this step. Otherwise there is no sense in looking for man with van in London.

What other problems you may face with after moving in with your partner? Find out in the next part of this article.


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