Can Any Muslim State Make a Lasting Peace with Israel?

Posted on Aug 31 2011 at 10:28:24 AM in Independent by Beyond-the-Cusp

Truth be told, the query should be, “Can any dictatorial governance as is prevalent in the Middle East and Northern Africa make a lasting peace with any other government, especially those which are not Islamic?” The immediate, knee jerk reaction is a definitive “No!” That negative response would apply to most of the countries worldwide with the sole exceptions being those governments based upon a democratic or republican form of government where the rule of law takes precedence over the rule of man. As long as the government of any country is centered and based on a human being and not upon a guiding written philosophy and that individual, possibly including a small cadre of supporters, is above the law, then no treaty with said government and the country it represents is even worth the paper it is written upon. The most recent proof comes from Egypt and the fall of Mubarak with the ensuing calls for reneging and dissolving the Camp David Accords treaty with Israel and the abrogation of Egypt’s treaties with the United States among others. Imagine if Israel had signed a treaty as well with Syria in which peaceful relations were offered in exchange for Israel returning the Golan Heights. Does anybody believe such a treaty would survive should Bashar Assad be removed from power?


In all honesty, the peace between Israel and Egypt was not truly embraced by most Egyptians and had basically been abrogated in spirit if not in principle from the beginning. The same can be said about the Oslo Accords between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Such also applied to Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al Qaeda linked Jund Ansar Allah, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the other even lesser known terror groups emanating out of the Palestinian communities. Every group other than the Palestinian Authority claimed they were not responsible to be held to the terms of a treaty signed by the Palestinian Authority and the PLO despite the fact said treaty was signed with the understood intent of applying to the Palestinian people and thus every single one of these groups rooted in Palestinian society. Even the Palestinian Authority has enforced the terms of the Oslo Accords in only the most empty of gestures when pretending to heed the demands made of them. Despite their complete disregard for any limitation or requirement placed upon the Palestinians, every one of the myriad of terror groups and representative organizations will shrilly demand every iota of demands be enforced upon Israel, even to include those which were predicated on terms that required the Palestinians first coming in compliance in order for these terms to be applied.


The motto of those representing the Palestinians in particular and most governance in that area of the world could easily be “All applies to you and none upon me.” This is not surprising once one understands the fundamentals of Islamic thinking and the rules of the game as presented in the Koran. Where most ancient writings, especially those of philosophical or religious nature, contain ideas and rules that are contradictory of one another, the Koran appears to contain two separate sets of doctrine which are at total odds with one another. Those who study the Koran will eventually realize that it was truly written in two sections from two different times and opposite conditions. The first verses were written in the early period, referred to as the Mecca Koran, and the last set of verses, referred to as the Medina Koran. The first verses written in Mecca are very meek and full of an understanding philosophy with inclusive terminology that was very tolerant of others who were not Muslims. The Mecca portion of the Koran was in response to Mohammad not having a great following and being a very small minority who were subject to be under the rule of non-Muslims.


Later, the Medina phase of Mohammad’s life he is found to have gained a sizeable following of followers who had come from a somewhat violent section of society. Many of Mohammad’s followers were caravan raiders who made their living through raiding caravans and making off with their goods, money, and whatever they could carry. This led to a set of laws which would be suitable to support such a lifestyle and actually encourage such acts. This is where the idea that a kafir, a nonbeliever of Islam, was born. In the Medina Koran a kafir was considered a lesser person upon who scorn and misery was to be piled. The kafir had no rights or legal recourse against a true follower of Mohammad and thus was subject to murderous raids where everything they owned was legally taken and whose life was worthless to that of a true believer. The Medina Koran was written from a position of total power where Mohammed was a warlord with complete control over the immediate areas as they were under his rule. It was the writings of the second parts of the Koran, the Medina Koran, that was and is still followed by the majority of Muslims and what served Islam well during their expansion across much of Western Asia, the Middle East, Northern Africa and into both ends of Europe and is resurgent today with the intent of completing the conquest by any and all means necessary of the entire world and imposing Islam on every person.


What makes this more difficult for people to discern is the fact that the Koran is not compiled in any seemingly congruent manner. It is not chronological as is the Jewish Bible nor is it separated by authors with a feeling of chronological order as is the Christian Bible. The Koran is arranged in a manner so as to generally place the longer chapters earlier in the Koran and the shorter ones appearing towards the end. This ordering of the Sura left much room for interpretation as to which of the contradictory verses were the original and the final verse on the particular subject. This was important as the later verses were considered more accurate and thus valid and replacing the earlier verse which was presumed to have as much weight. This leaves the more strident and empowering of the followers of Islam verses as the ones to be followed and considered applicable while relenting the more passive and tolerant verses as being overturned and no longer as important. This has led to a unique and tactically advantageous use of the two virtually separate and contradictory sets of laws set forth in the Koran which is evident even today. Muslims have learned over the centuries that when they are few in number and living in lands controlled by kafir, they then follow and stress the verses of the Mecca Koran relating their position to be similar to that of Mohammad when he lived in his youth in Mecca. As the Muslims grow in numbers and strength, they begin to slowly transform from the passivity of the Mecca Koran to the more desirous Sura of the Medina Koran. When they have reached the point they are able to take over the ruling power, then the Medina Koran is used as it now is advantageous and the Mecca Koran is officially left as the Medina Koran can now be allowed to supercede with the followers of Islam in full control. Through this method, the Muslims make very polite, affable and accommodating initially as their numbers are small and their power weak. As their power and influence increases along with their numbers, then begins the slow transformation. The end game is the imposition of Sharia and the institution of Islam as the religion of the state that they now control.


This is another part of why there is no term in Islamic thought for a permanent ceasefire and end to hostilities. The dictates of Islam allow only for a Hudna which may not last more than ten years. After ten years, hostilities must be resumed and should the followers of Islam still find themselves in the weaker position, then they may, after feeling the cold realities of defeat, enter another Hudna. During the time of the Hudna, the non-Muslims are to be led to believe that it is actually a real ceasefire and a treaty of peace. Thus, the non-Muslim party is held to passivity and not allowed under Islam to reinitiate hostile actions. On the other hand, Muslims may violate the Hudna at any time should they feel they are of sufficient power to now win the battle. No warning or notice is required for the other party before the initial attack. This way, if the attack does not go well, the Muslims can reenter the state of calm under the Hudna. This will lead to the followers of Islam being allowed to attack periodically and expect there to not be any repercussions or attacks in return for their minor infringements. This is the closest one can come to having a permanent peace with those following the Islamic rules of war. As pointed out earlier, it can be translated as I can do whatever I wish and you may be allowed to simply sit there and take it.


Those who have not seen this in the so-called “cycle of violence” between Israel and the Muslims on all her borders are willfully blind. Just since January of this year the lopsided application of Islamic warfare has been evident in Israel. There have been between nine-hundred and one-thousand rocket and mortar attacks between January 1 and August 1 of this year. During this time there was a Hudna in place. Israel responded to many of these attacks though often the Israeli response was one target or maybe two following a day that had five or more attacks upon Israeli towns and cities. Israeli attacks were most often aimed and hitting weapons storages areas, rocket manufacturing shops, and either smuggling tunnels or infiltration tunnels planned to be used in further attacks upon Israelis, most often civilians. The rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza were aimed towards populated areas. Proof of the targets chosen from Gaza came when a laser guided antitank missile completely destroyed a large bright yellow school bus severely wounding the drives and murdering one teenage student who remained to be dropped off. Yet, the only attacks that seem to come to the attention of the world are those done in response by Israel. The United Nations General Assembly passes resolution upon resolution against Israel with rarely a word of condemnation for the attacks made against Israel by Palestinians. I could go on forever, but either you know these facts or you are one of the people who believe Israel and the Jews are out to rule the world and deserve whatever comes their way. This is the situation and this will remain the situation until the world wakes and seeks truth or the end is brought nigh and those who have heaped their scorn upon the Jews will need to repent and seek forgiveness.


On the Egyptian front, which is very similar to the Lebanese front, what was once peace will once again turn to violence against Israel. The problem for Egypt is that any major attack would involve a noticeable shift in troops, material, and heavy weapons across a large expanse of desert which means it will be seen coming literally from miles away. But the same will hold with one sole difference between the Egyptian border once the Muslim Brotherhood takes control in Egypt and the Lebanese border now that Hezballah has taken control of their government; terror attack, skirmishes, rockets and mortars with ambush attacks expected from both sides. Lebanon is more likely to push so far as to call for open warfare though Egypt may not have a choice as they may have to give the people they educated with pure hatred what they demand, war on the Jews for the sake of the Palestinians. That difference is one side attacking is Sunni and the other Shiite, and both will be deadly and blamed on Israel by the UN, EU, and many, many others.


Beyond the Cusp