bye bye mr Krekar

Posted on Apr 25 2010 at 06:07:58 AM in Government

Mullah Fuckings Krekar!

What's wrong politicians in Norway? Why do not their job? What will it take for that kind of thugs that this fjotten Krekar is allowed to stay at the taxpayer's expense? I think it's the politician's responsibility and obligation to view the big villains that he leave the country for good! The war in Iraq, so he must be, "said Storberget! He promotes the killing of civilians, he is a terrorist, Big Mountain, you do not see it?

It says little about the quality of politicians in this country, when they are not able to achieve this. It is a people entitled to Mullah Krekar out of Norway now!

I think actually it is strange that he has gotten to be so long as he has done, and the politician who manages to get this criminal maniac out of Norway, will be hailed by all who know who this raw and brutal killing machine.

I believe the time is expired, remove this man now and give the money to the poor instead. How much has Krekar cost in dollars and cents?

Either go to the Big Mountain, or remove the mullahs now! I know I speak for most when I write this!

Show your contempt, and vote here, Norway is not a place for terrorists!

Want Mullah Krekar out of Norway


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