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Bomber leather jackets were not originally created to be a fashion item but with time, they became a part of the fashion world. Today, only a few know their history. These were actually created for the US and British Air Force pilots during the World War I. They were thick and were designed to keep them warm during the chilly winters.

Today, they are available in many different styles, some of which are discussed below:

Traditional Leather Bomber Style

This one has a general military style and shape. Moreover, it comes in colors of the military bomber coats. It also features patches and memorabilia of military style. Generally found in men's style, women can also wear these jackets. So, people who are looking for a bomber style jacket can buy this one, as looks quite similar to it.

Common Variations in These Jackets

Some people are looking to wear something that has the same design and shape as that of a bomber jacket but they don't need anything that is too much military. For such people, a less traditional style of bomber jacket is also available. This is a common variation with black collars, and the lack of memorabilia removes its military aspect. However, its basic style has been derived from the original coat, which was created for the military during the World War years.

Common cuts for women

A jacket quite similar to the first one discussed here is available in a slight variation, which has a feminine look and is therefore the most suitable for women. This is based on an original military style. However, it does not carry military patches and memorabilia. This is cut to the shape of a woman so it looks very stylish and trendy. The style and shape is almost the same as that of the men's bomber jacket but it has been cut and styled to especially flatter women's body shape.

Fashion Fit

Again inspired by the first style discussed above, these jackets are especially designed for women as they have specific collars that are feminine and a great fit to compliment women's body shape. This one has a different shape and is available in only one color, that is, black. This is mostly available in short style and is worn over skinny jeans.

Edgier Women's Jackets

These fashionable jackets have traditional cut and style of a military leather bomber coat. As the name indicates, it is edgy and is very trendy too. Mainly intended for younger women, it is popular among women of all age groups.

Hooded Bomber Jackets

To make it unique and different, hoods are added to bomber style. These give a novel look with a hood at the top and an overall traditional cut. This creates an entirely new look and is popular among women.

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