Busy afternoon

Posted on Nov 1 2011 at 08:04:10 AM in Personal

My afternoon was kind of a busy one. I went to different places and tried to finish my errands. But unfortunately I didn’t finish everything.   First stop was at the hospitalto get baby’s newborn screening result, it has been there for a month or two now,   but sadly I was not able to get it ’cause I missed the cut-off period, so I think I’m going back there tomorrow, it’s not that important anyways, ’cause if there were any problems found they would’ve contacted me, well that’s what they said.   My next stop was at the law office, I went there to request for an affidavit of loss for my sim card, I know sounds crazy right? but I love that number it’s a vanity sim and I spent like 400php just for the sim alone, and now plus 200php for the affidavit fee and 99php for smart fee, grrrr.   If only my hubby didn’t break my sim,  I wouldn’t be spending this much for a sim.  So yehh, next stop was at smart center and the funny part was they need 2 ID’s and I only have 1, my passport is at our safety box in the bank and my NBI clearance is expired, now I don’t know where to get another valid ID.   Finally my last stop, at globe center, I paid for myebay purchases. I’m getting addicted to online shopping again.  

Baby was really good today, he just slept the whole time I left him, our helper was watching him and she said that she was just sleeping.   Oh! it’s really funny ’cause baby is snoring  I know right  a snoring baby, how weird is that?  Here’s a video, I took a video while he was snoring ’cause I really find it funny.  (Sorry baby, hahahha)



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