Built the most powerful BMW M5

Posted on Jun 12 2012 at 10:00:35 AM in Cars & Vehicles

Tuning studio G Power marks the one hundredth issue of the family sedan M5 Hurricane creation of even more extreme versions of the symbol RRS. Jubilee Hurricane receive dozens of additional "horses" that may allow you to update the world speed record.

In the family of Hurricane, which is building a studioG Power-based BMW M5, has a star: 800 hp Hurricane RR was considered the owner of the title of the fastest sedan in the world series with a score of 372.1 km / h

Hundredths of an instance in the family sedan will be the most extreme in the history of the Hurricane, called RRS. Bavarian 10-cylinder engine capacity of 5 liters will get upgraded pumps, which will raise the engine returns from 800 to 830 horsepower. Number of torque will remain the same - 800 Nm.

The increase in capacity has allowed little to improve the dynamic performance: the acceleration to 100 km / h sedan still spends 4.3 seconds, but up to 200 km / h accelerates faster than a 0.4 - in 9.1 seconds and 300 km / h in 25.2 seconds, gets, whereas previously spent on it to 25.8. However, how it is influenced by three dozen additional horses on the maximum speed is not reported.

Hurricane Anniversary paint in the ultra-blue color, will provide a 20-inch wheels, new release, and sports suspension. The total cost of the sedan is not reported, but it is known that the price of upgrading the engine is indicated at 72,000 dollars.View gallery of BMW

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