Build your wealth pyramid with UWCFX (

Posted on Apr 6 2012 at 02:36:13 AM in Business & Economy

Build your wealth pyramid with UWCFX (

With NetRunner you can create your own social network – and more than this, you can develop it continually. You as our affiliate can refer further affiliate partners to, who will become your sub-affiliates.
Start referring clients and affiliate partners to us, and get 0.8 pips after each trade made by your referred client, and 10% of the commissions we pay to your sub-affiliates.

How this works? See a few examples:
You refer 5 clients to us, and each of them trades 10 lots. This means that you will get about $80 for each referred client (0.8 pips equal approximately $8 for one full EUR/USD lot). This way you will make a total amount of $400!
If 2 of your sub-affiliates mentioned at Level 1 also sign up for NetRunner and each of them refers further 3 clients who will trade 10 lots each, you will get $48 (10% of 2x3x$80).

As you can see, for such a scenario you can make as much as $448.

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