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Being born in Wales we are legally British, at least until the Act of Union of 1707 is rescinded. Ethnically the Welsh are already British, as are the Strathclyde Scots, the Cumbrians, Cornish & Bretons. Any claims to nationhood hang on to the coat-tails of Scotland's claim to a partnership with England as two kingdoms respectively, and our being given anomolous international recognition in certain but limited sporting and cultural domains. Most citizens see Britishness as their 'nationality' and that is how it is deemed externally, with the exception of those Countries such as France, who refer to it by its dominating body politic, 'England', because it suits their purpose to do so. The reason there are 'nationalists', and I count myself among their number, is to recognise that 'nationality' is deeper and more meaningful than just beating England or having a Miss Wales in the finals of the Miss Universe beauty contest, although we are not allowed to enter Miss World or compete in the Olympic Games any more than we are allowed a seat in the United Nations. If we are British, then Welsh has to be sub-ordinate and there we have it, if on the other hand we give priority to Wales as a nation, then we need to stand up and be counted. If the question for the Census is simply, do we feel more Welsh, or more Scottish, than we do British?, there's no dichotomy, it's pertinent, though hardly revolutionary.

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