Breaking the Mould With a Food Break in Vienna

Posted on Oct 19 2011 at 01:51:52 AM in Travel

I have always been a massive fan of Austrian culture. The characteristic jolly bounce of the oompah bands and the breathtakingly stunning natural beauty of the alpine landscape have always delighted my eyes and ears in a way which really makes me feel at home in the country. That said, in any country that I have ever visited, the culinary heritage of the area interests me the most and Austria is no exception. I have been out to the countryside many times, but this summer I decided to take a city break and explore Vienna.

My reasoning was that in the countryside, you are limited to the local cuisine of that area (delicious as it is). But in the city, you can sample all the delights that the entire country has to offer. So following that logic I got my flights booked up and started having a look online to get my accommodation sorted. I had been advised to stay at the Hotel Austria Vienna but I decided to do try something completely new. Therefore, I decided to stay at one of the other hotels Vienna has to offer. As soon as I was settled I went out and started looking for the best foods available.

I found a lovely little restaurant just away from the city centre that sold traditional fare. I had been recommended the place under the pretence that they served the ‘best schnitzel in Austria’. I was sceptical at first but as soon as my dish arrived I knew I was not going to be disappointed. The Wiener Schnitzel was made of flattened veal fillet covered in breadcrumbs, as is tradition. The fillet really was of the highest quality and the coating was not in the least bit greasy which can happen with some schnitzels. The dish was served with fried potatoes and a green sauce that I have never tried before but that apparently hails from Frankfurt in Germany.

All in all it was an unexpected little treat, but just another one of the hidden gems that Vienna has to offer.

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