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Participants at this weeks meeting with affiliates included - Vesta WorksiteVesta h&l, and Vesta p&c!  Again we postponed our discussions about Def-Con Plans to further explore the mission of the new BenefitPlace subsidiary, BP Trade Show - A virtual trade show for the Insurance & Benefits Industry! 

Over the past years we, and most of our clients and associates, have come to agree that the insurance and benefits industries remain in the dark ages of marketing and communications - as well as extremely inefficient and wasteful in the allocation and utilization of marketing dollars.  Over the past few years the concept of "Inbound Marketing" has matured to augment, if not replace, traditional marketing techniques referred to as "Outbound Marketing". 

In its most simplistic form Inbound Marketing puts the customer in control of researching and meeting their needs for plans, products and services utilizing: the internet, websites, blogs and other social media resources.

The historic Outbound marketing techniques had the sales process in control customer acquisition and communications utilizing common techniques such as: the field sales force, telemarketing, magazine and TV advertising, direct mail, physical trade shows, seminars, etc.    

BenefitPlace was created to begin a process of Inbound Marketing to bring efficiencies and cost-savings to the insurance and benefits industries.  The concept was to provide a research hub, much like a library for the industries, bringing together the numerous parties to the insurance and benefits decision-making processes.  Throughout the ten year evolution of BenefitPlace - with thoughts of both physical and virtual sites - we always had in mind the addition of a permanent Insurance & Benefits Trade Show.        

BP Trade Show - opening its virtual doors Wednesday 7 April - will be a permanent, virtual, 24/7 "Inbound Marketing" Expo for the Insurance and Benefits Industries bringing together buyers, sellers and the providers of services.

It is not are intent to replace the traditional insurance and benefits related trade shows that have been in existence for years - they provide an excellent service!  Through the internet we will provide consumers of insurance and benefits free access to exhibitors and their plans, products, and services.  Exhibitors will be able to differentiate their plans, products and services at an affordable cost with out the need for travel, lodging, lost time and the cost of a physical exhibit.

The BP Trade Show will put the "customer" in charge of the buying process on an "Inbound" basis for the benefit of Exhibitors.  Two quotes help explain Inbound vs Outbound Marketing!


“If you have more Money than brains, you should focus on Outbound Marketing. If you have more Brains than money, you should focus on Inbound Marketing.” Guy Kawasaki


"Rather than interrupt the unqualified masses with traditional marketing strategies such as direct mail, telemarketing and advertising, you can connect with qualified consumers online when they are actively looking for what you offer." PR 20/20


Next week we will share with you the web link to the BP Trade Show and information about pricing and Inbound Marketing opportunities for potential exhibitors!  Should you have any questions or comments in the interim, please email: max@benefitplace.biz or call; 216.921.1583. 


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