Bozeman Montana Best Places To Raise Kids

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December 2011: From skiing and snowboarding to hiking and hunting, the southwest Montana region, with Bozeman, MT at its hub, has excellent public and private schools, a major university -- Montana State (MSU) -- shops, museums (Museum of the Rockies with its dinosaurs), art galleries, music venues, health clubs...all sorts of indoor and outdoor forms of entertainment.

For more information on the rating of Best Places To Raise Your Kids, go to Bloomberg Businessweek.

In 1864, W.W. Alderson described Montana's Gallatin Valley as "one of the most beautiful and picturesque valleys the eye ever beheld, abounding in springs of clear water."

In the late 1800's many agreed, calling it "The Egypt" or "The Garden Spot of Montana."

This time of the year Bozemanites and their kids, if not in great private and public Bozeman schools, are cross-country and downhill skiing, ice climbing and sledding, attending plays and musical performances.


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